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Behind the Bars:

About Luke's

Behind the Bars:


If you’ve ever been to a Copenhagen Rock Bar in the past 20 years, chances are you’ve brushed shoulders with Luke, a man hellbent on pushing hard rock and whisky on the rocks to the masses.
Luke and his partner Niklas have toyed with the idea of making their own hard rock and whisky luxury dive bar for years, and have finally joined forces to set sails and realize the vision. To Luke, it’s more than just another rock bar, it’s the one place he wants to grow and grow old in.

Behind the Bars:

Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof

Bitcoin-pirate and long-time Rum&Coke enjoyer.

Niklas has risen from tech-nerd to bitcoin-pirate, for a variety of reasons. But importantly to Lukes’, he’s not afraid of thinking big and working hard. After years of friendship and partnership, Niklas convinced Luke that now was the time, and made the best of a bad situation – covid-shutdown. The planning began, and now Luke’s is a reality. Niklas sees to the backend and promotion-idea part of the project, while Luke stays busy with everything from construction to content. 

Behind the Bars:



It all began, when Luke started working as a bartender at a small rock bar in town called Tex. Tex was a rock bar serving beer in chilled glasses and pitchers, a fancy drink was a whisky&coke, and Luke was the cranky tender setting the tone of metal and nerdiness in one. Both goth punks, rockers and roleplayers came to favour the place, and Luke became the personification of Tex. Among those metal-hungry customers, a guy called Niklas met Luke one day, and the two struck up a friendship that would survive Luke’s pub-crawl through 20 years. Bartenders and managers came and went, but Luke remained the constant, until the day Tex closed…

The Rock

Luckily, a new plan was set in motion. Another Rock bar – but this one with a bigger live stage, a bigger audience, and even more inexpensive draft beer coupled with some decent spirits! Most of the old Tex crowd, including Niklas, came along and became solid regulars, cherished and ruled by Luke – until it closed one Thursday in 2011, most customers actually believed that Luke owned it (which he did, in spirit)…

Voodoo Lounge

After closing the Rock, Luke tried working a couple of different places, but things weren’t quite right. So he ended up partnering with a trusted few, and they opened Voodoo Lounge. Voodoo – and Luke – once more had their regulars, a dream team-crew, and a menu designed to cater to low as well as high. The drinks were better than ever, the events were frequent and many…..and along came Covid. Forced to shut down, Luke had the opportunity to think long term and to team up with his long-time co-conspirator, Niklas.


Thus, the idea of Luke’s came into being, and Luke and Niklas decided to go all in. 25 years from Tex to Luke’s, a few things stood out along the way, that can finally come to life: Luke’s is your luxury dive bar. 25 years working to create the perfect frame and content, and now Rock and Metal can finally coexist with luxury whisky and fine spirits in general. They are far from mutually exclusive, and Luke’s will tend to your palate as well as your eardrums.